Melissa Du,

How do you think about social responsibility?

How should I live my life? I ask this question a lot because of the following truths:

But it’s not.

It’s almost easy to ignore the rest of the world from within the Silicon Valley bubble; at Stanford, I’m surrounded by privilege and by working in tech as a software engineer or otherwise, I’ll be working on problems that won’t matter to you at all if, for example, you didn’t have access to clean water (which, according to the CDC, is over 35% of the world’s population). Of course, you could make the argument that society is trending towards a direction of technology being increasingly important, not the other way around, and that the technologies that you work on will affect the majority of people in one way or another.

But somehow, that doesn’t seem quite satisfying, because if global warming is getting worse and if 13% of our world is undernourished, then why am I not working on those problems? Why isn’t anyone I know working on those problems? (It is also entirely possible that I do know people who are working on these problems, and that I just don’t know about them/their stories. Feel free to prove me wrong!)

I want to conclude these thoughts by posing a few questions. To anyone reading this, I’d love to know:

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